Some recent favorites

Persistent Poison: Lead’s Toxic Legacy in the Bay Area
KALW Crosscurrents. March 26-29, 2018 
Angela Johnston and I co-reported this week-long series about childhood lead poisoning. We were interviewed about our work on Reveal and The Takeaway and an excerpt from the series aired on The California Report.

Stories from inside prison 
KALW Crosscurrents. March 16, 2018
An hour-long show about California prisons. I talk about my work as an editor inside San Quentin State Prison and speak with a former San Quentin Radio reporter who was recently released.

Oakland’s famous herons may be getting a new home
KALW Crosscurrents. February 26, 2017
Biologists are trying to lure herons that have been nesting in downtown Oakland to move to Lake Merritt instead. Will it work?

Now That Pot is Legal, Should You Worry About Secondhand Smoke? California Scientist Says Yes
The California Report. February 20, 2018
Surrounded by pot smoke during a Paul McCartney concert, UCSF Dr. Matthew Springer got to wondering if secondhand smoke from cannabis is as bad for our health as cigarette smoke.

From the doctor to the DMV: Trans people rush to change IDs under Trump
KALW Crosscurrents. February 21, 2017
Since Trump’s election, the Lyon-Martin health clinic in San Francisco has seen a huge increase in the number of people coming in to get doctor’s letters certifying gender transitions.

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A Tale of Two Weed Farms
Latino USA. April 15, 2016
Two very different weed farmers have similar fears about getting pushed out of the market by big businesses.

No JELL-O Allowed 
Latino USA. February 26, 2016
When a public school in Oakland, California bans junk food, it’s not the kids that have a hard time adjusting.

The Accidental Interpreter
Latino  USA. January 29, 2016
Rosendo Aguilar grew up speaking Mam, a native Mayan language, but he never planned on working as an interpreter when he emigrated to the U.S. from Guatemala.

When Your Boss Isn’t Looking Out for Your Safety
Latino  USA. September 11, 2015
Day laborers working under the table in California are banding  together to demand safer conditions and better wages.

African-American Hiking Group Turns to Nature for Beauty and Community
KQED. April 8, 2015
The Bay Area group Outdoor Afro is using the healing beauty of hiking to address violence against African-Americans. 

A Glimpse Inside John Muir’s Family Home
KQED. April 16, 2015
Many people are shocked to find out that the father of the national park system lived in a 17 room Victorian mansion.

News Spots

Crab Fishermen Get Ready for Commercial Dungeness Season
KQED News. November 13, 2014

Officials Worry Storms Will Make Californians Forget The Drought
KQED News. 
December 18, 2014

West Coast Better Prepared Ten Years After Indian Ocean Tsunami
KQED News. December 26, 2014

Partial Solar Eclipse Visible from Bay Area
KQED News. 
October 22, 2014